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The SWIO PRO is suitable for all customers who are not interested in simple charging and who have higher demands on the functionalities of a wallbox. 

Installation package
Shipping costs
total Wallbox
1561.95€ incl. VAT*
Benefit from up to € 1200 in State Subsidies
*Price calculated for undefined

Technical Aspects

Charging capacity*

up to 22 kW

Charging equipment

7 m charging cable




OCPP 1.6 SOAP&JSON, OCPP 2.0 JSON (upcoming), Modbus TCP


Ethernet, Wi-Fi

Load management

Static & Dynamic


up to 500 charge points

Load balancing


Energy meter

MID Energy Meter

User interface

LED status light, Web Interface

Protection level

IP 56, IK 10

Electrical Fuse

RCD type A + DC residual current sensors 6 mA

EV communication

IEC61851, IEC 15118 ready


Aluminium enclosure, polycarbonate and Lexan cover plate


Graphite Grey

* According to the Luxembourgish grid operator guidelines, the wallboxes must be throttled to 11kW for private use.
Universal charging plug Type 2, suitable for all e-vehicles
Faster charging In average 5 times faster charging than at a household socket
Safe for you and your vehicle Safe charging process thanks to protective devices and gentle charging of the battery of your e-car
Durability Robust product built from sustainable materials
Subsidized Subsidized by the government and in some cases also by local authorities

Our 360° service

With SWIO, we offer you a simple and convenient transition to e-mobility thanks to our 360° charging solution.

With our SWIO installation packages, you are ideally equipped to charge your e-car effectively and safely, regardless of the car brand or your living situation. Our installation packages include the following services:


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    We are checking the structural conditions on your site with our installation partner.
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    We ask for the necessary application to the grid operator.
  • Installation

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    We are scheduling your preferred date for the installation after receiving the approval from the grid operator.
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    During commissioning, the installation partner performs charging tests to confirm full functionality.
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    Every Installation includes by standard:
    10m LAN cable and integration into the house network
    1 concrete wall drilling
    Fuses and circuit breaker
    PVC pipes
    Fixing and small material
  • Briefing

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    Our installation partner will give a briefing regarding the daily use of your Wallbox. If you will have any further questions do not hesitate to contact our SWIO Team.
  • Public charging with SWIO

    Public charging with SWIO

    Charge on the go

    Your charging experience with the SWIO Charge app: 

    Find all available public charging points and current prices at stations 

    View the availability and operating status of the charging stations in real time 

    View the power and therefore the charging time for your electric vehicle 

    Start the charging process via the application

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